b4After almost two months I am back to racing. As the main goal for the second part of the season is at the end of August, I am building up my form step by step. Therefore I am not able to run fast or ride strong at this time, but I have to force myself to give as much as possible:) A week ago I took part in the VOLVO Triathlon Series in Brodnica where I was running in a relay with my ALE GO PRO teammates: Adam Kuligowski (swim) and Rafał Sosna (bike – the fastest time within realys). It was 1/4 Ironman race and the running course had 10,5km with one U-turn.


Coming back to high form is not an easy thing:) As always it’s time consuming and painful process. However it’s a crucial period which decide of the future results. Here in Brodnica I was focused on one thing, to push myself as high as possible. I new I probably can’t run faster than the pace 3:10-3:15min/km, so all the time I was trying to keep it close.

Despite our relay competition we were aiming to win the race overall. I know there was no relay + individual classification, but it looks much better if 3 guys are faster than one triathlete then otherwise:) Waiting for my turn I was counting how big loss we can have to be able to win. Commencing my part I had more than 6min to theb5 leader Jakub Dec and It was almost impossible to catch him.  All the way I was sure that I will manage to do it, but around 5th km I had still more than 1km loss. Passing 8th km I could see the leader before me what  caused my pace increase. Having 500m to the finish line I took the lead and kept it till the finish line.

For more pics from this race CLICK HERE