EZ3A5302EUCO Susz Triathlon was a 24th edition of this event what’s really impressive. Triathlon has become more popular in Poland within last few years.  I was really content to her my coach Jakub Czaja saying that I will take part in this race. Now I may say it’s been the toughest triathlon I have made so far. Nevertheless I set a new personal best 4:07:23, which is about 4min faster than the previous one. Finally I finished 6th  🙂

20150627-P6270078A few days ago I mentioned, writing about the race in Brodnica, that I am building up my form towards Word Championships in Zell am See. It means that my form is not on my top level and I have to struggle with body to keep the pain 😉 and pace. It doesn’t mean I’m not able to compete, but it shows clearly how it works.  You’re doing your best and the results are not as good as when you are in a high form.

Now is time for swimming. I am totally aware of my low swimming level, 20150627-P6270092but it I am highly motivated and determined to improve it.  People often don’t want to comment on my swimming skills or lack of them, but I am not blind and easy-going. I rather laugh than cry when talking about my swimming results. Of course I am not only laughing but also acting. For the last few weeks I’ve been intesively training with my swimming coach Włodzimierz Szpakiewicz, and I now that few weeks is not a lot, but we plan to work as much as possible to diminish this enormous gap 😀

20150627-P6270209I need to clarify that I am not resting in water but it makes me also tired. Fortunately when it comes to cycling It’s definitely more efficient than swimming. Passing 2nd km. I had enough:) I knew that it won’t be easy, so it was a constant struggle. I was watching Watts on my Garmin and the were all the time not high enough. However it was much enough to have the best bike time (2h10min) 🙂

Running for me is like cycling. I suffer a lot but it gives me better time, not _O5B4046like in water:)  Leaving Transition 2 I new that I need to cach up as much as possible. That time I could run much faster than it was during previous triathlons. I promised my coach that I’ll be better. He was asking me before the race and wandering why I can run really fast in the running race, but when it come to triathlon my relevant running level is much lower. Having improved my tri running I achieved a 2nd best time (1h17min).

20150627-P6270407Regarding on my current form I am really satisfied and happy with this result. I made another step towards World Championships in Austria and I hope to get better for another race at the end of July. Now I am on my first training camp ever as a professional triathlete. For the financial reasons I choosed Zakopane, where I found a cheap room and here I have the toughest climbs in Poland. Not only for cycling, but for running as well.