DCIM117GOPROAfter spending a few days in Warsaw I moved for so called longer weekend to Wisła in the Beskids, to improve my form and enhance some bike skills. It was not only a training camp, but a recollection of my past racing time. Before I started professional career I used to take part in the MTB Marathons, and road races, here in the Beskids. The MTB Marathon series  was the hardes one in Poland. The course was always difficult. When you where climbing up, you expected steep hills (more than 20%) on the various terrain, but on the descends you where always scared and excited of possibly the hardest ones.

DCIM117GOPROOn the left you see me climbing on the 20% steep trail what was really joyful. As I mentioned, writing about MTB Marathon, the trails in the Beskids are really difficult, or mayby can be. I choosed one of the hardest to use as much of that time as I could. You may think why I was training on the mountain bike when I race TT or road bike. One part of the answer is in the abstract above. While riding MTB in this kind of terrain you surely improve your strength, but on the donwhills you’re not only acquiring how to cope with steepness and difficult terrain but you gain better feeling of your bike. It works on the level of stimulus, so you derive from it even, when you’re riding TT or road bike.
My time in the Beskids was not only about MTB and I had to take care of my 5running form. During the last weekend it was really boiling outside. Each day the temperature reached 25 degrees of C. or more, and it was not so easy to run. Mostly in this case I ask somebody to help on the bike. It means that I’m running and some of my friends is riding a bike and giving me an isotonic or hipotonic bottle.  Beside drinking it aslo important to think of electrolytes deficiency, which is common at this weather conditions. In this case I take HydroSalt, which consists of the most important macroelements. Because of capsules it’s easy to use it during training or even race.


Now I am back to Warsaw and I see a signifacnt progression of my from compraing to previous weeks. Of course it makes me happy, but my goals are far away and I need to keep this pace and rigour to achieve a success 🙂 At the end of this week I will take part in the Warsaw Open Water Championships to test my swimming progress in the racing conditions.