DCIM117GOPROSince my last report from Ironman I’ve been recovering for almost three weeks. It’s not a result of my training plan, but a consequence of illness. First week I spent at home having daily one short training . I felt overloaded after the race and the whole spring season, so I needed to recover. It was a perfect time for this, because I had four weeks ahead to another race. Unfortunately I got sick so my recovery time had to be elongate and eventually I won’t take part in the Polish Championships in triathlon.


Let’s treat the text above as an abstract. After one week at home I went to Warsaw for a little swimming camp with my swimming coach – Włodzimierz Szpakiewicz. Another purpose of my visit was an invitation from the Polish Radio, which building you see on the left. I was talking abut duathlon, running and triathlon, and specific details of these disciplines. After a few days of very effective swimming trainings I got sick. It forced me to stay at home for treatment and event when I came back to trainings I didn’t feel good. It had weakened me a lot what caused I needed more time to get back to regular training load.

Running in Warsaw is as easy as everywhere 🙂 Cycling in Warsaw is not DCIM117GOPROso easy 🙂 The most difficult thing for me was to find… asphalt road. Of course I mean this kind of road free of traffic. Successfully after a few bike sessions I managed to find an adequate place and now I don’t care where I am to perform all of my trainings. For me it really matters, because I don’t like or even hate to do my training in a new place which I don’t know. It’s not about being scared, because I am not. When I DCIM117GOPROhave a task to do (training session) I need to know where I gonna run or ride to keep focus on my efford in stead of sharing my attention between the performance and the right place for it. As you see on the left somtimes I need to choose a gravel road but I don’t complain because I like it 🙂 Since I bought Bontrager All Weather 3 tires I can ride even this kind of road without a puncture.

Last week I spent at home in Gdynia sharing timeDCIM117GOPRO between recovery and training. Now it looks much better and missing Polish Championships I look forward into the main goal of the season – World Triathlon Championships in Zell am See (Ironman 70.3 AG- 25-29). On the right photo I’m riding along the Bay of Puck and the Hel Peninsula, which are my favourite training destinations. Beside the training I love coming here by car. In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful DCIM117GOPROplaces in Poland  – not Holland  🙂

Next week I’m coming back to Warsaw to improve my swimming skills and I will take part in the Open Warsaw Swimming Championships for 1500 meters.  After that I will start more advanced preparation in the Polish mountains and before WC I will take part in the following triathlons: Susz Triathlon, Challenge Poznań Triathlon, Herbalife Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Gdynia – in my hometown.

Probably I didn’t mention before that I am ambassador of 11337041_1640214626208634_4053453557793758746_oALE – Active Life Energry – Polish sport food maker, who delivers me extremely high quality energy products. I am very proud and happy to represent this brand. I had tried before many others which I couldn’t accept because of taste or gastric problems. Here they base on natural ingredients, high quality carbohydrates and make amazing taste of all the stuff. I have to admit that sometimes in stead of chocolate I take energy gel because of its taste.