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1st place in the Warsaw Track Cup and 3rd in the Biegnij Warszawo 10k Run

Daniel Formela 1st place in the Warsaw Track Cup and 3rd place in the Biegnij Warszawo 10k RunHaving complited the 2015 triathlon season I started another mini season in running, to have my first marathon at the end of October in Frankfurt. On my way to success I’ve done two races so far. First step was the victory in the Warsaw Track Cup, where I set up my personal best on 5000m, which is now  14:45.59.  The second one was the Biegnij Warsawo 10k Run, where I finished 3rd among 9000 runners, and improved my result from 2012 when I was 21st.

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12th place in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships

malyrozm1135_019403This race was the main goal for the second part of the season. Thinking of my form for this race I was forced to resign from another Ironman 70.3 which was held in my city, where the start line was located in front of my flat, so it’s so called sacrifice 🙂 I am very pleased with my achievement in Zell am Sell, because it shows me where I am comparing with the best guys in the world. Definitely it was the toughest race I have ever finished and full of nice memories. From technical point of view everything was very well planned and organized. The most important issue were the feeding zones. When the temperature reaches 35 degrees of C. water is the only thing you are thinking about, and they were ready to ease your run almost perfectly.

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EUCO Susz Triathlon with a personal best in 1/2 Ironman – 4:07:23

EZ3A5302EUCO Susz Triathlon was a 24th edition of this event what’s really impressive. Triathlon has become more popular in Poland within last few years.  I was really content to her my coach Jakub Czaja saying that I will take part in this race. Now I may say it’s been the toughest triathlon I have made so far. Nevertheless I set a new personal best 4:07:23, which is about 4min faster than the previous one. Finally I finished 6th  🙂

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ALE GO PRO relay victorious during Volvo Triathlon Series in Brodnica

b4After almost two months I am back to racing. As the main goal for the second part of the season is at the end of August, I am building up my form step by step. Therefore I am not able to run fast or ride strong at this time, but I have to force myself to give as much as possible:) A week ago I took part in the VOLVO Triathlon Series in Brodnica where I was running in a relay with my ALE GO PRO teammates: Adam Kuligowski (swim) and Rafał Sosna (bike – the fastest time within realys). It was 1/4 Ironman race and the running course had 10,5km with one U-turn.

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Weekend in the Beskid Mountains

DCIM117GOPROAfter spending a few days in Warsaw I moved for so called longer weekend to Wisła in the Beskids, to improve my form and enhance some bike skills. It was not only a training camp, but a recollection of my past racing time. Before I started professional career I used to take part in the MTB Marathons, and road races, here in the Beskids. The MTB Marathon series  was the hardes one in Poland. The course was always difficult. When you where climbing up, you expected steep hills (more than 20%) on the various terrain, but on the descends you where always scared and excited of possibly the hardest ones.

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What’s new? Training report

DCIM117GOPROSince my last report from Ironman I’ve been recovering for almost three weeks. It’s not a result of my training plan, but a consequence of illness. First week I spent at home having daily one short training . I felt overloaded after the race and the whole spring season, so I needed to recover. It was a perfect time for this, because I had four weeks ahead to another race. Unfortunately I got sick so my recovery time had to be elongate and eventually I won’t take part in the Polish Championships in triathlon.

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1st place at Ironman 70.3 Pays d’Aix Age Group 25-29

maly1036_042685Going to France I was aiming to get a slot for the World Championships in Zell am See. Qulification rules were a bit vague for me and I didn’t know how many triathletes can get a slot. Even during the race I wasn’t aware of my current position and how many I had to overtake. Ironman 70.3 Pays d’Aix was my first one of this series, and overall my 3rd real triathlon ever 🙂 The time that you see on the left is not exactly mine, because my wave started 5minutes after the PRO category, so finally I did it in 4:22:14.

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Waiting for the Ironman 70.3 in Aix en Provence

DCIM117GOPROSince 24th of april I’ve been training in the south of France in the region called PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur).  My first destination was Saint Tropez, where I took part in a local race – Tri Tropezien. The main reason for this race was familiarisation with open water swimming. Despite cold water (15th degrees) I was satisfied with my results, and could say my swimming pace is significantly higher then previously.

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